Vila Aleksandra - Utjeha

Property located on the shore of one of the most beautiful parts of the Montenegrin coast. Far from the daily hustle and bustle you can find peace, enjoy a swim in the sea or the pool, and a completely refreshing offers you a summer bar which is open this year within the villa.

Villa Aleksandra is a modern designed building which is consisted of 16 apartments, which characterize the space, comfort and functionality.

All apartments have a terrace with its wonderful view of the open sea and nearby beaches. Villa is characterized by having in its composition has provided parking spaces and a few garages where visitors can safely leave your car.

Offer at the Villa Alexandra is the completion of the possibility of renting a scooter / jet ski /, which our guests will be able to enjoy all the charms of the sea and fun.

For all the potential guests in our apartments, it is possible to organize transportation to the villa, or vice versa if necessary. To delight in our villa is complete it is possible to organize and massages on request of our guests, where you will relax in the hands of renowned masters of massage.

Another of the novelties of this year is that it will work within the villa and food outlets, where you will without going to the city be able to obtain all the necessary chance to make your stay unforgettable. Staying with us gives you the perfect vacation in a completely natural setting that is different from everyday life, where you'll hear the sound of sea gulls cry and feel completely calm and extraordinary.


Beautiful beach Val Olive or Utjeha how often is called it is located on the 12-kilometer from Bar to Ulcinj highway. The beach is 185m long, 28m wide and a total area of 5250m2. And the capacity of the beach is 1,500 bathers.
Just behind the beach is the millennial olive grove where the beach is named.

The beach is equipped with the necessary infrastructure. There is a marina, showers, complete beach furniture, catering facilities and is very suitable for water sports, diving and fishing.
Clean water and a modern bath influenced the beach gets a blue flag award, which get 10 most nicer beaches in Montenegro.

On this beach is one of the most attractive beaches on the Montenegrin coast - beach Rocky Beach, a beautiful complex with two swimming pools on the coast, with beautiful summer bar and restaurant. Night life on the beach is very wide and varied, we offer you club Paradiso, where you will find the latest hits from the world and enjoy the early morning hours. Also nearby restaurant "Utjeha" You can enjoy seafood and other delicacies prepared by culinary masters of skillful.


At only 14 kilometers from the villa is the town of Bar, a modern city with wide boulevards, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, is the largest tourist and nautical center at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.

Air Bar is determined by the proximity of two large bodies of water / Adriatic Sea and Skadar lake / mountain massif of Rumija. It is characterized by long, hot dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The maximum mean temperature in July was 23.5 ca minimum mean monthly in January, 8.3 C. Bathing season lasts from mid-May to mid-October, when water temperature reaches up to 26 C.

Old Bar is located on a steep cliff, inaccessible from three sides, at the foot of the mountain Rumija. Defensive position and source of drinking water, were the most important reasons why the Old Bar, unlike other cities on the coast, found at about 4 km away from the coast. This city, whose citizens are living from crafts, trade and cultivation of olives has been constructed during the successive centuries. The oldest parts are on the protruding plateau of a cliff where there is a gate of the city in the X-XI century. Not far away, separated from the inhabited part, is Citadel, which had exclusively defensive character. The city is still the remains of many churches of different styles from different periods. Preserved are the foundation of Romano Gothic cathedral of St. George of the XI century, and two Gothic church of St. And St. Catherine. Veneranda. From the Turkish period as a powder magazine and bath. The western part of the city was found later, the first in the fourteenth century, and then at the time of Venetian rule in the sixteenth century. In this part of town are the ruins of St. Nicholas was probably erected in the thirteenth century, Helen of Anjou, wife of Serbian King Uros. On a small beautiful Square in the downtown area, a well-preserved church dedicated to Sv. Jovan Vladimir. Outside the town, north of the upper fort, there are well-preserved remains of the aqueduct from the XVI and XVII century aqueduct that brought water from the mountains to the city. The most recent archaeological excavations revealed pottery from VIII-VI vpne from the time when the bar was an Illyrian settlement.

The old olive trees on Mirovica living natural monument protected by law in 1963, one of the oldest olive trees in the world, more than two millennia. Legend says that under its crown reconcile themselves quarreling families.

Skadar Lake - the largest lake in the Balkans and the largest rezervoat wading birds in Europe. Specific eco-system, has 270 species of birds and 40 species of fish. Cultural and historical monuments, with monasteries and forts are concentrated on the islands called picturesque hills.

Place where miracles happen - Ostrog monastery

If for any cultural, historical and religious monuments, one can say that Montenegro was recognized in the world not only of Christianity but also Islam, it is safe to Ostrog Monastery. Sanctuary, a remarkable monument and testimony to the culture and history of the Montenegrin people, Ostrog place that is visited annually up to million people. All this implies that Montenegro has great potential to position itself on the world map of religious tourism, because apart from Ostrog and numerous monasteries and churches, as well as valuable sites, this country the right way is a mixture of religions.

Monastery Ostrog is the most important center of religious pilgrimages in this area - the sanctuary of St.Vasily Ostroski magicians. The monastery is a place Congregational members of the Orthodox, Islamic and Catholic faith confession. Raised by the St Basil Ostroski 1666th The below Ostroskih beams. According to popular legend, seven years after his death, his body was found in its entirety. The sarcophagus of the saint must then be located in the Church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Upper Monastery, who was involved in a natural cave recess. Located on the cliff of rocky mountain, the monastery is a miracle of natural beauty. Holy Basil is considered to be magicians and doctor and the biggest Montenegrin saint. Ostrog is the largest pilgrim place in Montenegro, where believers come from all over the world, especially in summer time of the Traditional Council.

Monastery is located between Danilovgrad and Niksic. According to custom, to the Upper monastery of which are relics of St Basil's, no one should go by car, but barefoot and walking through a small forest, like the pilgrims. Here come the poor and the rich from all over to find the life and soul of medicine. Of Ostrog is the only place where the world miracles really happen. Impressive picture of the monastery in the steep cliffs of the enamel remains unforgettable vistas. Lower Monastery of the Holy Trinity in 1824, the seminary's Residence and the 1742nd The shrine is particularly pilgrim places.


Ada Bojana is built, artificial river island which is situated at the end of Big Beach - the place where the river Bojana flows into the Adriatic Sea. After a big storm in the 19-om Ages Merito ship anchored at Ada Bojana. Today this place is considered a national park.

Ada Bojana is particularly attractive before sunset - when the circuit is incredible color of the sea, sun and sand boils down to one. Internacinalna School (Windsurfing-a) at Ada Bojana, is still open 1975th years, and today represents one of the most advanced centers for training in this sport. Beginners prefer a flat surface of the lake until the report, and after only a week of training with professional instructors, you can gain enough confidence to try your skills on the waves of the Adriatic.

When it is too hot to spend days on the sand Ulcinj beach, you will find refuge in one of the wooden hut on the river Bojana. Here you can see the unusual "Kalimera" - an ancient way of fishing, and maybe even taste some fresh delicacies from the sea. Some of the best restaurants are located along the river, where you can observe how the fresh seafood is removed from the sea and prepared in front of your eyes.


From many has been called a tear of Europe, hot-tempered, pure and wild river Tara, a huge body of water derived from snow and rain. Published in the National park "Durmitor". Originating from the mountain to the north of the country and runs the length of as much as 140 km. Ancient soil erosion has made to a length of 82 km form the second largest canyon in the world, after Colorado canyon. Its depth in some parts reaches even up to 1300 m. The coastline of Tara are steep, with trees that are like a fiery tongue rising from cold and deep canyons.

Only on rare parts Tara leaves the impression of a peaceful river. A rare places that you can wade called fords. Not far from the Bistrica, riverbed of Tara is so narrow that by telling villagers in trouble sometimes exceeded one jump. This strange place called Djavolje Lazi.

Around the river grows vegetation: pine, hornbeam, black ash, elm, linden, and then in the higher altitudes, above the rocks, is growing molar of oak, hornbeam, maple, beech. In the highest parts of the canyon, over 1000 m, there are extensive forests of fir and spruce. The exceptional value of the forests of black pine. The most valuable black pine forest is the Black Floor ", rarely of tall trees. The trees are tall and up to 50 m and 400 years old.

Rafting - adventure for which we came

Adrenalin, tears in his eyes, and an unforgettable ecstasy are what make raftnig adventure in nature. Rafting is organized into two groups, the first group that starts early in the morning - early birds, and other groups that moves upon returning early birds, so called. nocturnal birds. Rafting takes place from Brstanovica to Šćepan fields and lasts 2 hours. On this route, the length of 18 miles, replaced the foamy cascades and exciting Brštanovački buk, buk Ćelije, beech under pine trees, the upper and lower Vjerinovića buk, buk Uzlup ... During rafting rights to short breaks to rest, took pictures of nature, toasted and wait for others who are late. During the rafting is possible to bring cameras to be kept in a special container to avoid getting it wet. With you in each raft will be the leader raft - rafting skipper, an experienced and professional Rafter, who the entire crew listens to. He is primarily responsible to care about the safety raft and all of us in it. Remember that rafting is a collective sport, where it is vitally important and a good coordination of all organizations. Rafting is also used to create the teams, so called ,, Team bilding” for example, who first stop to row, that the first tomorrow giving up the job ... belt.

As for the clothes to be put on when we go rafting, mainly practiced in swimming suit, but given that we enter into during the rafting beech and from them come out wet and the water temperature is about 4 degrees, you can bring and T-shirts, scarves hats, flags ...

Once you arrive (live) to Šćepan field breath raft and pack it, we will be there waiting for transportation to a dry wardrobe, so no need to worry whether you'll wet owner of the van seat.


Plaža Utjeha